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Friday, July 9, 2010

Gues what... my grandmother got in a car acciedent (minor) then after she went to the repair shopshe hit a deer!!! she also made me talk to some one... how stupid could the elevators get...Kappa was talking about her up the elevator and it just so happens that her grandmother walked out of it. Then kappa made her go get her grandchild to talk to me. I had to find the keys quick. I found them and went into the geisure world apartment about 3/4 through the conversastion.Yes!!! only bad part is that i think kappa and the other grandmother tried to make us go on a date... she was from alaska too!!! thank god i had gotten out of there in time. My grandmother is going to have a bad year this year, i can tell... until tomorow by. I am also going to maryland tomorow to my uncle marks house... i am going to hearing about this for the rest of my human life... well hopefuly not... so now, until next time, adios= by by

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