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Monday, July 19, 2010


Hi guys i am going to start making a log on facebook...and this is it.

Hi guy i am back from kappas and my dc trip. i had lots of fun with kappa geting stuck in a red metro line door...about 20 other people did the same. OH! and also a wasted guy started dancing on our metro car.
(meanwhile while i m typing this joey is cry in about his GiGi, i think that is how you wold spell it (I...T)). OH! i just realized some thing i hate it when people say OR type the "word" LOL. oh man you do not know how much i hate that. So do not i repeat do not say that...After i am done i am going to watch some cocalate show with uncle E...Shame on you...and me. But anyway nothing much is going on around here.

Question of the blog:

Have you ever been to Ney york, New York? What would you rate it out of ten?(example 1/10,5/10,10/10)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Star wars convention photos


Voyager 004 - Time and Again 1/5

My day in washington dc

The spy museum 1/10 verry bad
Star wars concert 10/10
kappa got wedged between two subway doors
a wasted guy was in the train dancing then fell flat on his face
lady in front of us at the concert was yelling at here kids
oh...and a 7 11 store was about to be robbed by a gang member
and a couple was seperated because the train doors shut to fast (shame on you red line)
The best day ever!!!

(pictures coming soon)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hi guys i an going to watch some star trek voyager on youtube today

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

nuqneH Hoch, jIH 'oH ghoS DaqjaH DaqMcDonalds vaD'uQ Probaly ghajtaH SuD sanwich

Hi everyone, I am going to go to McDonalds for dinner Probaly having a chicken sanwich

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Classic Games - MyPlayYard.com

Classic Games - MyPlayYard.com
tristan is the


Hey guys, thank you for subing to me. well i am going to go to bed now so until tomorow good night...


is about to eat some dinner with the folks here i might not be done with the computer today... I know i have been on it all day. Look at painkilleralready podcas under the blog. see you all later!

Gaming podcast:painkilleralready

Gaming podcast:painkilleralready
I edited my blog


Is now going to watch 3:10 to yuma. Is it any good www.imdb.com/title/tt0381849/
Hey guys check out

Monday, July 12, 2010

I just woke up and I am staying at the house today watching some tv shows and some movies. Just ended watching meet the fockers last night right before i fell asleep. What are you doing today?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

All righty now, i just got back from maryland and my grandmother is anoying me about "The thing"
Hey guys i just got out of bed and i am going to my uncles house soon. It rained last night, i love the time after it rains. Do you?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Gues what... my grandmother got in a car acciedent (minor) then after she went to the repair shopshe hit a deer!!! she also made me talk to some one... how stupid could the elevators get...Kappa was talking about her up the elevator and it just so happens that her grandmother walked out of it. Then kappa made her go get her grandchild to talk to me. I had to find the keys quick. I found them and went into the geisure world apartment about 3/4 through the conversastion.Yes!!! only bad part is that i think kappa and the other grandmother tried to make us go on a date... she was from alaska too!!! thank god i had gotten out of there in time. My grandmother is going to have a bad year this year, i can tell... until tomorow by. I am also going to maryland tomorow to my uncle marks house... i am going to hearing about this for the rest of my human life... well hopefuly not... so now, until next time, adios= by by

Arnold Apologizes for Batman and Robin

Dont know why but the links are not working
Why dont you people check out my you tube channel --> youtube.come/mishigansux , if you would wold you sub to me.
Just finished watching Step Brothers and i am now watching Revenge of the Nerds 3. They are both ok movies, but, they are not the best. What is you favorite movie(s)?
Well eagle has to leave soon, his owner...Max is coming to pick him up...MAN
Hombre wasn't so good. I am now watching star trek first contact
Is now going to watch Hombre. Is it any good? well i gues you are not reading this...or ansering this so I will have to find out for my self...

Predators Trailer

I am watching future wepons now, the first episode ever
Wow! Roxi(dog) and beagle(dog) are two stuburn to come in. At least Tyler(older dog) is smart and came in. It is 100 degree weather out there , most likley.

P.S.: my spelling is not the best
Well back to watching sara conor chronicals, I think i might watch future wepons, on Roku. The Roku is a divice that hooks up to netflix, wich can then watch "watch instantly" movies on your TV.
My aunt found a lost dog today... I don,t know why but she named it Beagle... now I have to watch it for the rest of the day. At least it is quiet and it's not jumping up and down every where. YES!!!

Tbone: Star Trek Voyager

Tbone: Star Trek Voyager: "Join the page"
I am now almost done with the Sara conor chronicals. The person who lives next to me brother or cousin produced it. He is now writing and producing the new movie Thor. Doe's any one person know who that is?
Hi my name is Tbone, I am new at this thing, but, i will promise to try and make it better, after all, this is my first post ever.

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