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Monday, July 19, 2010


Hi guys i am going to start making a log on facebook...and this is it.

Hi guy i am back from kappas and my dc trip. i had lots of fun with kappa geting stuck in a red metro line door...about 20 other people did the same. OH! and also a wasted guy started dancing on our metro car.
(meanwhile while i m typing this joey is cry in about his GiGi, i think that is how you wold spell it (I...T)). OH! i just realized some thing i hate it when people say OR type the "word" LOL. oh man you do not know how much i hate that. So do not i repeat do not say that...After i am done i am going to watch some cocalate show with uncle E...Shame on you...and me. But anyway nothing much is going on around here.

Question of the blog:

Have you ever been to Ney york, New York? What would you rate it out of ten?(example 1/10,5/10,10/10)

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